Anti Aging Skin Care – Luxury Anti Aging Skin Care Products Are Cheaper Than You Think

Luxury anti aging skin care products usually come with a luxury price tag that often discourages many women from even trying them. Sadly, some women never get to experience the luxurious benefits these anti aging skin care products can offer them. This is a shame because some of these products work out less expensive than many of their apparently cheaper rivals. Make sure you are armed with all the facts before you dismiss any brand on price alone.Many anti aging skin care products appear cheaper than their more luxurious equivalents for several reasons:1. They have been diluted too much to be of any great value to your skin. Therefore you have to use far more of the product each time to gain any benefits at all. If you have to use twice as much then you cannot compare prices using volume alone. So although it may look as though 100ml of a luxury brand is three times the price, if it actually lasts you six times longer then it will work out far cheaper in the long run and you will have a better product. You need to know how long the product will last for and, of course, how effective it will be. Will this product actually fulfill its promise to you without you having to slather it on?2. A good quality luxury brand uses the ultimate in natural ingredients and never settles for second best. This means that their laboratory uses the finest ingredients and the first extraction from distilled plant material. Many Essential Oils on the market today may use up to the fifth extraction. This means that at each stage of extraction the effectiveness of the product is diminished and becomes simply a marketing claim and ingredient listing for the label. This is much cheaper of course but has little or no therapeutic effect.3. Many brands on the market use a synthetic base for the formulation of their anti aging skin care products and this synthetic base will simply be used because it feels pleasant on the skin but it has no therapeutic benefit to you or your skin. The base makes up a large proportion of the skin care product, so it must have a positive natural impact on your skin, either to nourish, protect or to help other ingredients penetrate deep down into your skin. Luxury brands use ingredients that have medical grade actives of real therapeutic activity.4. Many of today’s anti aging skin care products are heavily advertised with companies investing large amounts of money as they compete with each other for your custom. You will see these products every where; on you television screens, in glossy magazines and plastered across the internet. Every advert plays its part in pushing up the end price that you pay.5. Luxury anti aging skin care products that fulfill their promise to you have had time and money invested in research and development employing cutting edge technology. They have been tried and tested by experts, not on animals, and have passed all the tests. These products address specific skin and body conditions, with unique and potent formulations to dynamically treat the skin with powerful results, whilst re-awakening your senses.In summary, although some brands appear to be far cheaper and within your beauty budget, their ingredients may not be concentrated enough to deliver the anti aging skin care results you are looking for.

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Optimum Nutrition – Build Residual Income Streams While Optimizing Your Energy – Part 2 of 4

Without Health There is no Real WealthYou need Optimum Nutrition to be healthy. Residual income streams will allow us to create wealth but achieving balance is also an essential ingredient in your quest for success and wealth. You must allocate time for yourself (your health) and your family. More and more successful people are coming to the realization that, without health there is no real wealth and you need optimum nutrition to have optimum health.In Part 2 of this article series, I said that I would cover some ideas for meals that help to optimize your energy and let you focus on your goals every day. By doing so, you will be able to keep building your residual income streams and maintain your health with optimum nutrition.Most people do not realize that some foods require more energy to digest than the energy which is supplied to the body. These foods are referred to as negative energy foods (e.g. strawberries) and are great for those who want to lose weight. However, I am assuming that you have got your weight under control and you are more interested in eating in such as way that you get maximum energy from the foods you eat.Support Peak Performance With Optimum Nutrition And Smart Food Choices.What we eat (and how we combine foods) will determine how much energy we supply to our bodies when we eat. When we combine a vigorous exercise program with sensible eating and great nutritional supplementation, we will always be energized and ready to do our most productive work. The following approach works wonderfully for me:1. Our Breakfast – Fast Energy Is What We Need The most important thing to do here is never to miss breakfast and we basically should not miss meals. This is one of the main reasons why over-weight people fail to lose weight. They miss a meal and think they should lose weight but do not know that the missed meal only triggers their system to lower their metabolism and store the next meal as fat. We will have to discuss the subject of over-weight in another article.The best foods for breakfast are fruits. We should start the day with a glass of water (squeeze a small lime or lemon into the water) and drink slowly to clean the digestive tract. You can now eat fruits such as orange and great fruits followed by other fruits such as apple, berries, melons, pears, banana, papaya and other seasonal fruits. All these fruits are easily digested and can therefore supply your body with energy within 30-60 minutes. Other foods like bread, cheese and meats can take 4-8 hours before any energy is available to the body.Digestion requires more energy that physical exercise so we need to keep the energy required for digestion to a minimum. We can combine our foods in such a way that we make digestion more efficient. Another good way to boost your energy in the morning is to use a great multivitamin nutritional supplement like Symmetry’s Ultra Vitality. After using a nutritional supplement like Ultra Vitality for just a few days you will notice a big change in your energy level through the day.2. Morning Snacks – Keep it Light.More fruit or a nutritional drink is all you should need for a morning snack about three hours after breakfast.3. Lunch – Smart Food Combinations.Lunch and dinner are the most important meals of the day as this is where we plan for our longer-term supply of energy. We need to adjust these to fit our lifestyle. If you are a morning person, (starting early) you should use a carbohydrate combined with salad and vegetables for lunch. If you typically work late at night, then eat a meat (protein) combined with salad and vegetables for lunch. Combining salad, vegetables and carbohydrates will allow digestion to work more efficiently than if we combine meats (protein) with carbohydrates. We can therefore choose to either eat meats or carbohydrates combined with salads and vegetables to allow our digestion to work more efficiently.4. Afternoon Snacks – Keep it Light.More fruit or some nuts (almonds are a healthy choice) and a nutritional drink for an afternoon snack about three hours after lunch.5. Dinner – Smart Food Combinations.Dinner should be the last meal of the day. If you tend to work late at night you can eat your meat (protein) at lunch and then have your carbohydrates at dinner. If you had your carbohydrates at lunch then have your meat (protein) for dinner. The same general rules should be followed: add a salad and vegetables to complete your meal.Use Optimum Nutrition and Have More Energy to Focus on Creating Streams of Residual IncomeI have done extensive research and tried many things before discovering the power of smart food combinations and great nutritional supplementation. Now I have the experience and results of more than ten years to tell you that this works. If you want to search the Internet you will find tons of resources to confirm what I have shared above.One of the first books I read on the importance of food combinations was “Back to Eden”. I later started using nutritional supplements by Symmetry (refer to my website for more information on optimum nutrition) and I regularly exercise three or four days a week. I encourage you to find what works for you so you can enjoy good health and create wealth with multiple streams of residual income.