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Top Fashion Designers in India

The fashion industry in India has seen significant growth in recent times. Indian fashion was unknown before some great designers helped bring Indian fashion to the limelight. Now Indian designers command an immense amount of respect even in international fashion circuits & this in turn has helped garner a worldwide recognition for Indian fashion on the whole. Great designers have managed to bring the diversity in Indian fashion for the world to see & appreciate. Let us look at a quantity of the best fashion designers that the country has managed to produce.1. Manish AroraManish Arora is also fashion designer who has left his mark on the international circuit in lots of ways. He was among the first to break out to major international fashion shows & is widely known to have brought out the color in Indian fashion out.2. Raghavendra RathoreIf any understands the worth of “Brand India”, it is Raghavendra Rathore.The “Rathore Jodhpur” brand has a neat and modern sensibility that is driven by a holistic vision of luxury, inspired by the old-world charm of Rajasthan. His work has been appreciated in the domestic as well as the international market. He has designed the wardrobe for famous celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachhan. And now Rathore is no stranger to the glamorous world of Seventh Avenue fashion.3. Rohit BalRohit Bal, is known as India’s Master of fabric and fantasy, by the Time journal.In 1990 he created his first label, as a traditional designer wear for men. Since then, the regard he commands among the top echelons of Indian fashion is endorsed by a discerning, high profile clientele, that includes a number of India`s largest names in the media, Bollywood and corporate world. Intensely concerned with design as an art, he creates masterpieces, which retail for up to 15k USD.4. Shantanu & NikhilKnown primarily to play their fashion with contemporary styling, Shantanu Mehra & Nikhil Mehra dove in to fashion, first with their Indian menswear couture label in 1999, hence the birth of “Shantanu & Nikhil”. Signature collections, both pert-a-porter & diffusion soon followed, & the designer duo stepped onto the field of high fashion with their debut diffusion line in 2001.5. Sabyasachi MukherjeeSabyasachi, is a young designer from Kolkata who, has been making waves in the design circles in India.Sabyasachi’s design philosophy is the personalized imperfection of the human hand. Deserts, gypsies, and antique textiles have been a lifelong inspiration for this designer who believes that clothes ought to be an extension of one’s intellect.